Prices and Packages

We have a variety of flexible prices and packages to accommodate all. There are memberships for those looking for the results, motivation and social interaction of regular training; to packages for those who just wish to join us for specific squads, periods of time or in preparation for specific events.


Our membership options provide the most cost effective method for those looking for the results, motivation and social interaction of regular training.

Starting from... $40/week*

Private Group

Our private groups give everyone the opportunity to experience AddVenture Training.

If you have a small group (minimum 6) of friends or colleagues we can organise a convenient time and location to run private group training sessions throughout the week. Private groups also have access to our regular weekend sessions; preparing you for the same events as our regular squads.

Starting from... $40/week*

For larger groups or those that want a customised program and/or to prepare for a unique event we also offer fully customised corporate training services.

Event and Prepaid Packages

We have a variety of 4-8 week prepaid training packages; for those who want to commit to a shorter time frame and/or aligned specifically with upcoming events; whether a first timer or seasoned athlete.

Starting from... $55/week*

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One Week Trial

A one week trial of all our regular squad sessions for those who want a better understanding of our sessions before making a decision.

One weeks $75*

* Terms and conditions apply and prices are subject to change.

Contact us for more information regarding any of our prices and packages.

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