What is Adventure Racing?

It’s one of the fastest growing sports in Australia, and AddVenture Training is your passport to get involved.

“Ever heard of adventure racing? It's more of an experience than a race and is so different to anything else out there. Competition takes second place to teamwork and fun; often the most athletic don't finish first; reading a map is as useful as being able to run fast. It's a new world of fitness and is taking Oz by storm”. The Sunday Mail January 1, 2006.


The core disciplines of adventure racing are running/trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and navigation. Four contrasting disciplines not only make adventure races exciting and interesting but also provide for a varied training routine. At AddVenture Training we run clinics and year round group training squads in each of these disciplines to ensure you get the most out of your training and have a great time doing it.


Adventure races can run from 2 hours to 10 days.


Depending on the event adventure racing teams will generally consist of between 2 and 4 people. Traditionally mixed teams are standard but competitors can compete in all male and all female teams. Team members complete the whole race together, remaining in close proximity to each other at all times. We regularly attend adventure races as a large social group, see our calendar, and can place you in a suitable team. You will also meet a large number of likeminded people who are keen to train and compete at various other events.


Generally adventure races involve navigating between a series of check points (in numeric order) from start to finish, across the varying disciplines, in the shortest time possible.

The Course

The check points are not revealed to competitors until just before the race. Teams must then decide the exact course they will follow to collect each checkpoint. There are various designated transition areas along the way where teams change disciplines.


Adventure races are staged all over the world in various locations including urban and semi-urban areas, state forests, national parks, coast lines, lakes and remote wilderness. These varying locations not only make each race exciting and different but give you an opportunity to explore areas you may never have otherwise.

Fitness Requirements

There are adventure races for all levels of fitness and experience. Participants can just participate and enjoy the experience or compete at an elite level, the choice is yours. Our group training and health management services will ensure you are ready to competently enjoy adventure racing and compete at which ever level you chose appropriate.

Similar Events

There are a variety of other events that involve the various disciplines of adventure racing; running/trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and navigating. They provide plenty of opportunity to practise your weakest or strongest disciplines, enjoy a social environment and get outdoors all year round. Click here to see some of the other events that are out there.

“Triathlon competitors fed up with braving public roads on their bikes are starting to show interest in the growing off-road sport of adventure racing. Races can take a few hours or be spread over several days, with teams covering hundreds of kilometres …. Events involve some navigation skills, trekking, kayaking and mountain biking.” The Courier Mail October 20, 2006.

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