Welcome to AddVenture Training

You may hear our name and think all we do is get people trekking through the bush, paddling kayaks, climbing mountains and riding bikes. If so, you would be wrong, but we certainly do encourage it.

What we offer is not what you may expect from health management, group training, corporate training or adventure travel; we think of it more as an exciting experience or journey… an adventure!

Join our social training environment, whether beginner or advanced, and get into the action today.

At AddVenture Training we combine knowledge, experience and services from the health, fitness and outdoor recreation industries to provide unique and memorable experiences that educate, inspire and train individuals, groups and corporations to perform and succeed. Our highly educated and experienced team includes personal trainers, nutritionists, outdoor recreational leaders, coaching professionals, and various other health practitioners.

Whether your next adventure is to lose weight, run faster, reduce stress, finish a marathon, keep up with the kids or climb Mount Everest we aim to help make it a success.

Our Mission

Through excellent service based on pride and integrity we passionately educate and inspire our clients to challenge themselves and succeed in living healthy lives full of adventure.

  • Adventure:An exciting experience or journey.
  • Challenge:Difficult task requiring demonstration of ability.
  • Community:Creating a socially responsible community.
  • Education:Empowerment through knowledge and skills.
  • Health:Balanced state of mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Inspiration:Stimulation of a positive attitude and action.
  • Integrity:Complete honesty, sincerity and ethical practise.
  • Passion:Complete commitment to our values and all that we do.
  • Pride:Excellence in all that we do.
  • Success:Achieving a desired outcome.

We offer a variety of flexible options within each of our core services; group training, health management, corporate training and adventure travel. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how we can help you achieve this.

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